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Web Analytics Tools

There are a wide range of free and paid Web Analytics Tools that will help you to track your Key Performance Indicators. These tools will help you to monitor which keywords are delivering the most traffic, which keywords are making you money, and which keywords you should be targeting but aren’t. Once you begin to analyze your data, you can make modification to increase your return on investment.

Marketing departments are now realizing that web analytic tools aren’t just a luxury anymore.  They are a requirement for businesses that want to track which keywords are sending traffic, which keywords prove to be profitable and which paid keywords are losing money. Web analytics tools compels the website marketer to become efficiency-focused and obtain specific results from campaigns.

Using web analytics tools for tracking the keywords where you already have a high placement ranking will not alert you to potential areas of opportunity that you have not yet focused on.

Web analytics tools inform about customer’s decisions 
Web analytics tools are both free and paid.  In the beginning, web analytics tools software and services offered the same feature set for approximately the same price.  The online marketers of today want more.  They want to:

  • Optimize lead generation
  • Create more “stickiness”
  • Boost customer experience

If you track conversions using web analytics tools, you will know what those keywords are worth.  (Conversion optimization is the process of maximizing the percentage of Web site visitors who complete a desired action)

Rather than trying to obtain a high ranking for a whole new set of keywords, it is much easier to rank for keywords relevant to the ones you already rank well for. 

Of course, these tools track much more than just keywords. For example, Google Web Optimizer will allow you to perform A/B testing for your landing pages. With Google Analytics, you can track referring sites, demographics, pageviews, and even how much time people spend on each page of your site. Understanding your Web Analytics is crucial to increasing your conversion rates. Below is a list of some of the various Tools on the market.

Free Analytics Tools

These tend to be limited in feature set and give themselves sitewide links on your site, or require you to trust giving a major search engine like Google virtually all your marketing data.

Paid Analytics Tools

  • Mint – not too pricy, and it allows you to set this up on your server, however, does not track conversions
  • Clicky – low price, comparable to Google Analytics, has a white label analytics program that is good for more intermediate users
  • ClickTracks – analytics solutions start at $995, good ppc campaign management software
  • Indextools – recently acquired by Yahoo!, does web analytics as well as PPC bid management

Enterprise Web Analytics Tools

  • Omniture – these guys pretty much do it all; web analytics, channel analytics, data discovery, testing and targeting, etc.
  • WebTrends – another leading provider of web analytics and consumer-centric marketing intelligence solutions.

Companies want to know how many visitors come to a site and whether they bought anything.  They want to know which of their search terms are the most successful and if their marketing spend is justified.  Web analytics tools shows the SEO team if  they need to make the content more segment-specific based upon keyword terms.  Web analytic tools can show if they need to strip out superfluous navigation links or rebuild their landing page.  Figuring out how your website stacks up against the competition gets a little easier with Web analytics tools. 

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