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Website Audit

A complete, in-depth analysis of your site is the first step in optimizing for search. The audit will allow us to identify the problems, make recommendations and provide us with a roadmap to success. Below is a list of topics we will cover:

Site Architecture

You can think of your site architecture in the same way you would think of the architecture of a building. The additional complexity lies in creating a taxonomy that allows your information to be accessed and arranged in a logical fashion. The goal here is simply to allow both search engines and visitors to access your content as efficiently as possible.

URL Structure

Your URL structure is also very important, and must be in line with your site architecture. As well, we will check for any canonicalization issues and manage any necessary URL redirects.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are very important to your site (especially the page title), as they describe what a page, or site is about.

Internal Linking

If site architecture can be likened to blueprints, than you internal linking represents the hallways that connect rooms. It is very important to make sure that you are linking (passing value) to your most important pages.

External Linking

Continuing with the analogy…external linking would be the roads that lead to other buildings! It is very important that you link to trusted resources…as this helps to create your “neighborhood”. It wouldn’t be so great…if every time someone left your building, they ended up in a bad neighborhood.

Link Popularity

These are the inbound links pointing to your site. A complete review will be provided of the sites that link to you, how they link to you, and what you can do to improve your inbound links.

Page Layout

Within the first 5 seconds that someone arrives at your site, they determine whether or not they:
  • Trust it
  • Find it aesthetically pleasing
  • Can find the information they are looking for

Content Review

From an SEO perspective, the content on your site must also be in line with your site architecture, internal linking and meta tags.


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