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The objective of any SEO campaign is ultimately to increase visibility within the major Search engines. By understanding how the search engines operate, you can architect a high-quality site that is appealing to both the engines, and your visitors. Our primary goal is to critique your site, provide detailed recommendations and drive highly targeted traffic through organic search results! Below is a list of services that we perform when providing SEO Consulting:


WebSite Audit


We will review and analyze your site to determine the “State of SEO”. This will serve to identify any problems, make recommendations and explain the approach we will take to enhance the site. We will provide a full manual with technical specs outlining the issues we found, and recommendations on how to remedy these issues. If necessary, we can work with your programming team to help implement the changes to the site. Some of the Items covered are:

  • Site Architecture
  • Meta Tags
  • URL’s
  • Page Layout
  • Internal Linking
  • Navigation
  • Server Configuration
  • Link Popularity
  • Content Review
  • HTML Validation

Competitive Analysis


A competitive analysis is necessary to understand the full nature of your industry, especially  your competitors and customers. This will provide us with an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of existing, and future competitors. The analysis also supplies us with a strategic context through which to identify opportunities and threats.

Keyword Research


A keyword analysis is performed to understand how people are searching for your products and services. This has recently become a preferred method of conducting market research for many companies. The information we gather also dictates the language you will want to use throughout your site. The information extracted from this analysis is crucial to any SEO/SEM/PPC campaign. We currently use 3 independent sources to determine:

  • What people are searching for (related to your products/services)
  • How they are searching for your products/services
  • Which keyword phrases drive the most traffic
  • Industry Specific Keywords
  • Geographic/Local Keywords
  • Longtail Keywords
  • Seasonal Trends
  • Related Keywords

Web Analytics


Understanding the ways people find and navigate your website provides valuable insight into your SEO strategy.  We will setup and monitor your key performance indicators to determine potential opportunities for improvement.

Content Analysis

  SEO copywriting involves reviewing and modifying the content on your site to be “search friendly” while remaining logical and appealing to the user. The purpose of this is to ensure that your site/page can rank for its targeted terms. In addition to reviewing and modifying the actual text, we will optimize other on-page elements such as the page title, description tags, keyword tags, heading and image alt text.

Site Architecture Map

  This is a visual representation of your site architecture, used to analyze the structure and layout of your site. You can think of this as the Blueprints to your house!

Link Architecture Map

  Same concept as the Site Architecture Map, but now we add a layer that represents your internal linking structure. This helps to make sure that we are targeting the most important pages on your site.

XML Site Map Creation & Submission

  A sitemap is used to organize a website and identify the URL’s and data within each section of the site. Previously, sitemaps were aimed at helping the users of your website understand the layout of your content, almost like a table of contents. However, the XML format was designed for the search engines and allows them to understand your site content and structure more efficiently.  Unlike an on-page sitemap, this is uploaded directly to Google and is not accessible by your visitors.

Browser Compatibility and Resolution Checking

  People view sites in different browsers and at different resolutions. We make sure your site can be viewed by all the major browsers and by the most common resolutions.

Web Site Load Time and HTML Validation

  Most sites will not perform well if they have trouble loading, because both the search engine robots and visitors will have trouble accessing your content. A majority of this problem is derived from HTLM errors and poor optimization.

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