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We add your listing to popular local directories like Google, Yahoo! & Yelp
We assign you a unique toll-free number to track leads from your listing
We provide a dashboard to help you manage your listing & measure results


Getting listed on popular local directories helps your business get to the top of Google
Gain full control of your listing across the web, ensuring your information is 100% accurate and removes the ability for someone to hijack your listing
Track your results with click-to-call technology & generate new customers


Track where your leads are coming from across multiple marketing campaigns.

Features include:

Phone Call Recording
Assess the effectiveness of your sales team to increase your call-to-close success rate
Real-Time Reporting
Monitor the performance of your advertisement and optimize your site for conversions. Reports include:
  • Total Calls
  • Call Duration
  • Call Recordings
  • Calls by Day
  • Calls by State
  • Calls by Campaign
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* The $29.99/month pricing is a based on a contract period of 12 months. Databanq reserves the right to change pricing at its sole discretion. Additional charges may apply to add-on managed services.

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