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Making sure your website offers visitors a way to find local resources is key to having a comprehensive online strategy. With that in mind, Databanq offers Directory Direct - a plug-and-play solution that allows websites with little technical requirements or overhead.

Benefits of adding a local directory to
your website:
Drive more traffic from search engines
for 'local' search terms (i.e. Chicago veterinarian)
Generate content
by allowing business owners to build profiles and consumers to leave reviews
Additional revenue
via sponsored business listings & lead generation


Here's how it works:
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Directory Direct is ideal for:
such as,,,
such as Trade, Professional, Small Business, Government
Companies w/National Reach
such as Healthcare, Financial Service, Technology, B2B, B2C
Enterprise Web Publishers
such as Media, Social Networks, E-Commerce, Special Interest
Do your customers search locally?

People search locally for your products & services, They use local search terms like City & State. Directory Direct can help your website rank for more local terms.

How customers search for:

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